Athena Cluster

The McCormick Athena Cluster is a Athena QuickStation located in McCormick for McCormick residents. It has one Black & White printer as well as a small computer lab. Residents may use the cluster to work on an Athena Work Station (aka a computer) or print. Each residents is allotted 30 pages, please use them wisely!

Paper is limited at the McCormick Athena Cluster. Each resident should not be using more than 30 pages a week! For big prints and promo prints, go to the Student Center Athena Cluster, the one in building 56, or the one near SFS (Student Financial Services).

Athena Background

What is Athena? Learn here :)

Make sure to follow the rules!

Where are other Athena Clusters? See here :)

Want to connect to Athena remotely on a personal device? Go here :)


Ran out of paper? Go to the front desk and ask for some. If the front desk ran out, email and cc

Ran out of toner? Email and cc

Want to print from your personal computer? Go here and learn about Pharos :)

Want to save the environment by printing double-sided? Here it is on Windows, Macs, and Athena :)

Having problems with the printer? Check out this troubleshooting guide. Otherwise, fill out this form and the Tech Chair will help you out :)

Having problems with the scanner? Follow these steps. If that doesn't work, fill out this form and the Tech Chair will help you out :)

Where are other scanners? Go to one of the libraries :)

Need to get professional prints? Talk to CopyTech ;P

To get help on the computers, go to IST Help Desk :)

To get more information and help on Athena and other technologies that MIT offers, go to IST!