Craft Studio

The Tech Chair manages and maintains the 3D Printer in the McCormick Craft Studio. Residents may not use the McCormick Craft Studio 3D Printer without training from the Tech Chair first.

Note: The McCormick Craft Studio is not a MakerLodge.

Want to use the 3D Printer but not certified? Just fill out this form :D

Want to learn how to use the 3D Printer? Just look at this :D

For 3D Printer Users

Make sure you make an event on the Google Calendar before printing! Events should be made at least two days before. Event names should be your name and the event time should be how long the print takes plus 15 min.

Make sure to fill out the Login/Logout Form every time you start and take out a print!

Look at the checklist every time you print!

Need help with the 3D Printer? Just fill out this form :D

Forgot how to use the 3D Printer? Oh no, here look at the training document again :O

Need a refresher on the software? Check this video out :)

Need a refresher on the printing process? Check this video out :)

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What about other stuff in the McCormick Craft Studio?

Please feel free to use anything in the Craft Studio; just make sure you keep it in condition you found it in. The only things you may not use without permission are the 3D printer, sewing machine, and serger.

Want to use the sewing machine or serger? Email to get certified!

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