Game Room Technology

The McCormick Game Room offers McCormick residents to use the only 4K projector on campus for their viewing pleasure. The Game Room is under the jurisdiction of the McCormick Entertainment Chairs ( Please direct all questions/comments/feedback to them. This page is intended to answer FAQs and provide basic tutorials.

Game Room Rules

  1. Do not touch any of the wires below the screen and behind the projector! Do not touch the projector or change the projector settings! If you have issues, consult the Entertainment Chairs ( Do not try fixing it yourself.
  2. Do not change the Roku settings. Please do not log out of the accounts!
  3. Please leave the room the way you found it. Do not leave trash or the room in a disarray. Leave the remotes on the cupboard when you leave!
  4. Keep the Game Room key on you at all times. Please return it to the current McCormick Desk Worker when you are done.
  5. The Game Room may only be used by McCormick residents and guests. Guests must be accompanied by a McCormick resident the entire time.

Game Room FAQs

Connect to the McCormick Game Room WiFi

  • fun4mcc (2G or 5G)
  • Password: mccormick

Mirror your screen using Roku or Chromecast with ease!

Current Technologies Supported

  • Roku - on channel CB/SAT
  • Chromecast - on channel BD/DVD (to stream from computer, open Chrome and go to View -> Cast)
  • Xbox - on channel STRMBOX
  • Switch - on channel GAME

Current Subscriptions Supported on Roku

  • Amazon Prime: Buy (do no rent!) any movie for free! Don't get to crazy though ;P
  • xFinity on Campus: Watch live TV or an array of shows!
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • Youtube: Browse through videos or mirror your screen! Make sure you are on the fun4mcc WiFi ;)
  • Spotify: Browse through music videos or mirror your own playlist! Again, make sure you are on the fun4mcc WiFi ;)

Using the Projector


To turn on receiver, aim universal remote to the bottom cupboard


To turn on projector, aim projector remote to the screen and press green button


Use Roku remote to control Roku

Turn on Switch/Xbox console to play! Switch off when done.

To turn everything off, press the off button on the universal remote.

Email for more information!